Providing marketing and business solutions for dog pros.


Reaching your audience online is crucial to connecting with potential clients and growing your dog-related business or organization. We understand who dog professionals need to reach, and we know how to reach them online. Often, dog professionals and nonprofits are in need of assistance with Google platforms, website management, social media and marketing materials. All of these things are connected and absolutely necessary to complete an effective marketing strategy.

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Our focus is to support reward-based pros so that trainers and dog businesses have the opportunity to positively impact dog owners, dogs and the community.


Our services for dog pros are customized to fit the needs of your business. Whether you’re just starting your dog business, or looking to ramp up your website and online presence, we’re here to provide guidance and hands-on support.


Helping people help dogs. This is our goal in life.

We want to make sure that all rewards-based, positive reinforcement dog trainers and dog pros have the access to information, resources and hands-on help to market their dog pro services in their local area. 

In addition to supporting dog pros, we have a whole other side of business dedicated to providing educational, online courses for dog pros, dog owners and those just generally interested in learning more about how to train and support dogs. Learn more about it all at


Hear What our Clients Have to Say:

I’m so happy I used this team to build my website. Lori, Claire and Paul were all great to work with! Claire designed and developed my site. She did an amazing job bringing my ideas to life and was patient with my requests along the way. Lori helped review my content, gave excellent feedback and I was much more confident with my wording after consulting with her. Absolutely awesome support, easy to work with (even if you struggle with decisions like me), and I’m getting tons of complements on my website! I highly recommend!
— Vanessa McDonald, Dog Fantastic, LLC
I hired Lori to create and manage the Facebook page for my training and behavior consulting practice, and I am thrilled with the results! Lori and Claire worked collaboratively with me to develop an individualized marketing plan based on my goals and vision for my practice. Each week, Lori and her team expertly create high quality, content-rich posts that perfectly reflect my training philosophy and brand. I’m amazed at how quickly they’ve grown my Facebook following, plus they’ve increased traffic to my website by 47% from my brand new Facebook Page! I’ve also received rave reviews about my Facebook page from fellow trainers! It’s a huge relief to have Lori skillfully handling this aspect of my business so I can focus on what I love to do - helping my clients achieve their training goals. I am ecstatic with the service I’ve received from Lori and her team. I cannot recommend Lori highly enough!
— Melanie Cerone, Ph.D. Canine Behavior Solutions
Lori, Claire and Paul have infused my dog-training business with much-needed social networking expertise! They’re so flexible and friendly, and are up for every task, from simple (ahem - how to Tweet - ahem) to complex (SEO analysis). I love working with them!
— Casey McGee, Upward Hound

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